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Vassar College: Internalized Biphobia Talk for Bi Awareness Week

Title of Talk: Battle Our Own Internalized Biphobia

Description: Ironically, nearly all of the content about bisexuality online is geared to straight and gay folks. Often, pieces discuss what bi+ individuals are not: confused, "actually gay," cheaters, liars, etc. Or the media will discuss bi-erasure, bisexual health disparities, and the need for more bisexual visibility. 

Undoubtedly, this is all necessary. Education and visibility are key in order to enact change. Nevertheless, this talk will differ in that it's from a bisexual man to other queer individuals. It will not be focused on how other monosexuals treat us, but rather, how we treat ourselves. In this talk, I'll delve into my own personal experience of battling biphobia while studying at Vassar, and how I grew to not only embrace, but love being bisexual.