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Panelist on LOUD & PROUD: A Discussion on Diversity in LGBT

Hornet & Times Out are proud to host this insightful and provocative conversation on LGBT media and why it's important to the community it attempts to represent.

Now more than ever, media of the marginalized is an extremely vital piece of today's society. In order to facilitate this discussion, we've assembled a strong group of authoritative voices in the field, key leaders in the community who are redefining the industry. The panelists will examine the challenges, missteps, wins, failures and successes they have had when representing a group whose diversity just begins with the letters LGBT.

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Interview by Glamour UK

I was interviewed by Glamour UK about my polyamorous relationship, and they wrote up a piece about my relationship with my boyfriend and his wife. Check it out here!

11:30 am11:30

Featured on Poly Role Models

I was interviewed by Poly Role Models, discussing my own personal experience being polyamorous, as well as what advice I would give to other folks interesting in exploring a non-monogamous relationship. Check out my interview here!

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Appears on Savage Love

Dan Savage and I give advice to a bisexual man who's struggling to get women to believe his sexual orientation. We also tackle various other issues for bisexual men on the Savage Love Podcast. Listen here!