Writer on sexuality, relationships, and modern romance



Zachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based writer, speaker, and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

He’s a contributing editor at Men’s Health, working specifically in their sex and dating vertical. He also has a biweekly column at Civilized.life called "Puff Puff YASS" and currently writes for The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and Prevention. He was formerly a digital associate editor at OUT Magazine. He's been featured in numerous other publications as well, including Playboy, SELF, AskMen, Slate, IntoThem, Cosmopolitan, Hornet, NewNowNext, LGBTQ Nation, MerryJane, and Bustle.

A leading bisexual activist, Zane has spoken across the country at universities and panels alike, discussing issues pertaining to the bisexual community, sex-positivity, and non-monogamy.

He attended the "Bisexual White House Briefing" at the White House (under Obama), and has been featured as an expert on a number of podcasts including Dan Savage's "Savage Love."

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